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  • Release Date: July 30, 2017
  • Pages: 972
  • ASIN: B074DXZ6NF
  • eBook: $7.99

Selena: The Complete Series by Greg Barth


Alcoholic. Stripper. Prostitute. Addict. Cutter. Bulimic. The very definition of self-destructive, Selena is a young woman barely surviving on the fringe of society. When a careless act of petty theft places her in the cross-hairs of a local crime syndicate, Selena is savagely beaten and left near death.

Having spent the last fourteen years in a drug and alcohol induced stupor, the attack awakens something deep within Selena – the savage need to get even everyone who hurt her. As a physically diminutive woman, Selena poses little threat to her enemies. But life on the edge has taught her every dirty trick in the book which she employs without hesitation. And what no one knows – not even Selena herself – is how capable she is of sudden, brutal violence when pushed.

Selena’s story is that of a young woman caught up in a life of violent crime, her dominance in the criminal underworld, and her growing self-realization of a need for more.

The complete Selena saga contains the full editions of all five books: Selena, Diesel Therapy, Suicide Lounge, Road Carnage, and Everglade as well as a new introduction by editor Rob Pierce.

“Greg Barth cooked up something mean and served it up and I hope none of you choke on it because it’s mighty tasty.” — Eryk Pruitt, author of HASHTAG and DIRTBAGS

“She was crucified; she was resurrected; and now she seeks redemption! Selena, the toughest new age femme fatale that you will ever hate to love comes of age in EVERGLADE!” — Lou Boxer, NoirCon

“It’s like the wildest of the men’s adventure novels of the ’70s, updated for the new millennium. Definitely not for the faint of heart.” — Bill Crider

“Reminiscent of Larry Brown’s FAY, but less innocent and more violent, SELENA combines fine writing and an indelible character to help fill the gap of female protagonists in the world of noir.” — Vicki Hendricks, author of MIAMI PURITY

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