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  • Release Date: June 15, 2015
  • Pages: 445
  • Print: $17.95
  • eBook: $5.99

Selena by Greg Barth by Greg Barth

Scatter shot revenge.

Selena is living the dream on her terms – carefree and sloppy and all in the pursuit of pleasure. When a careless act of petty theft puts her in the crosshairs of a violent crime syndicate, her choices are clear – either curl up and die, or tear down the whole damned organization one bloody shotgun blast at a time.

Nothing will satisfy her but savage retribution. Nothing can stop her. Get ready.

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About the Author

Greg Barth

Greg Barth is the author of Bona Fide JobsWhere Moth and Rust Corrupt, as well as Selena and two follow-ups Diesel Therapy and Suicide Lounge. He lives and writes in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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