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  • Release Date: April 11, 2015
  • Pages: 150
  • ISBN: 978-1511741521
  • ASIN: B00W03XF48
  • Print: $12.00
  • eBook: $2.99

Criminal Love and Other Stories by Mike Monson

The previously self-published book of crime and dirty noir stories by the author of Tussinland gets the All Due Respect Books treatment in both paper and ebook formats. Includes added stories, and interviews with some of Monson’s favorite writers: Tyler Dilts, Jason Starr, Jake Hinkson, and J.A. Kazimer. Also, Monson includes popular blogs from his website, including harrowing stories of his 18 months living in Hawaii in 2013-2014, when he managed to get fired from nearly every job he tried.

Monson’s clear-eyed, no-nonsense affinity for the rural milieu he obviously knows so well gives him a unique insight into the denizens of these dark ‘n’ dusty yet sweaty ‘n’ sun-soaked little corners of our shared world, and he imbues these socially sidelined misfits ‘n’ malcontents with a relatable humanity, boiling down their nakedly exposed essence to the universally common denominators of desire and desperation. Criminal Love will mercilessly beat you in the heart and leave you begging for more.
Will Viharo, Author of Love Stories are Too Violent For Me

If you’re looking for saccharine, best get you a box of chocolates, because what you get with Mike Monson’s Criminal Love is a box of bullets! Caliber? .44 Magnum! High velocity, explosive, hard hitting! Each one of these little gems is crafted to register maximum impact, and they’re all on target.
Blackie Noir, Author of Kiss Me Evil

What really sets Mike’s work apart is his ability to find the criminal in everyone. His protagonist is the guy you sit next to on the subway or the girl who works in the office down the hall. He takes these regular Joes and Janes and hammers them with the daily grind of their dead end jobs and unfulfilling lives until they either fold or fight back.
Chris Leek, Author of Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em


Mike Monson is a native Californian and has lived at various times in the Southern, Central and Northern parts of the state. He is the author of the crime novellas The Scent of New Death and What Happens in Reno, the novel Tussinland, and the soon-to-be-released novella A Killer’s Love. What Happens in Reno is currently out of print but will be out this summer from All Due Respect Books in both print and ebook.


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