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  • Release Date: July 24, 2018
  • Pages: 290
  • Print: $16.95
  • eBook: $6.99

A Taste of Shotgun by Chris Orlet

Nobody likes a shakedown. Especially not Denis Carroll, proprietor of The Brass Lantern, a dive bar in a bleak southern Illinois town. Five years ago Denis gunned down a dirtbag who was attempting to hold up his bar. At least that’s what the cops think.

After the shooting, Denis’ hotheaded younger brother, Vince, insisted on taking the rap. No big deal. He’d plead self-defense. Case closed. What the Carrolls didn’t count on was the cops discovering a huge stash of weed in a back room, locally sourced marijuana the Carrolls peddled “to make ends meet.” Weed supplied by the psychotic Goodwin Brothers, Clay and Randy.

Vince ended up taking the fall for that, too.

With Vince behind bars and Denis promising to keep his nose clean, the Goodwins turn to blackmail to force the Carrolls back into the illegal drug trade. Play along or the Goodwin Brothers (one of whom witnessed the shooting at the bar) will finger Denis as a murderer.

Meanwhile the Goodwins have troubles of their own, specifically their niece, Erica. As a child, Erica witnessed her sister being sexually abused by her Uncle Clay. As a young woman, she saw her fiancé shot down at a local bar by one of the Carrolls. Erica is determined to get revenge on both men. How much better if she can kill two birds with one stone—get rid of her uncle and pin his murder on that murderous bar owner?

In this darkly humorous small-town noir everyone has something to hide and nothing is as it seems.

“Classic noir”  — Jedidiah Ayres, author of Peckerwood, Fierce Bitches

“Chris Orlet’s debut novel (In the Pines/New Pulp Press) is what I’ve been waiting for for years. Finally a worthy successor to James Crumley and Newton Thornburg and Kem Nunn, the 1970s godfathers of true noir’s long-needed revival. His characters are, by and large, unscrupulous in the way they live. They’re broken and their morals have been watered down by bad choices and unalterable circumstance, but the reader can’t help but feel he’s only a few bad days from taking permanent residence in the hopeless world they populate.” Jonathan Ashley, author of Out of Mercy and The Cost of Doing Business

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