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  • Release Date: August 14, 2016
  • Pages: 158
  • Print: $11.95
  • eBook: $4.99

Three Kinds of Fool by Matt Phillips by Matt Phillips

For ex-con and pool cleaning man Jess Forsyth, life is a California rhythm of surf, work, tacos, and drink. He’s gone straight, and he’s happy with that…Sort of. When he runs into an old pal, Jess finds himself taking money (and pride) from a well-heeled drug dealer. But things get twisted. On the journey that follows, Jess discovers you can’t escape what you are, especially when there’s cash for the taking. There are three kinds of fool in this life—the lost, the guilty, and the dead. But who the heck is who?


Praise for Matt Phillips

“Reminiscent of Irvine Welsh’s ‘Crime’ but with that Southern Californian feel that only sex, guns, drugs, murder and surfboards can bring to the party…” – Grant Nicol (author of ‘On A Small Island,’ ‘The Mistake’ and ‘A Place To Bury Strangers’)

“Matt Phillips speaks fluently the language of the dispossessed… His whiskey-soaked prose can at times be as slick as a man slinging snake-oil, and other times as brutal as a baseball bat to the head.” – Eryk Pruitt (author of ‘Hashtag’ and ‘Dirtbags’)

“Phillips’ writing is so multi-layered and deep… [A]n author to watch out for…” – Regular Guy Reading Noir

“[Phillips] paints sharp, cutting scenes… He peppers the action with tight quips, imagining a very true world through a very discerning set of eyes.” – Tim Learn (author of the ‘Chewy-Noh’ series)

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About the Author

Matt Phillips


Matt Phillips lives in San Diego. His books are Three Kinds of Fool, Redbone, and Bad Luck City. He has published crime stories across the web at Powder Burn Flash, Near to the Knuckle, Out of the Gutter’s Flash Fiction Offensive, Pulp Metal Magazine, Fried Chicken and Coffee, Manslaughter Review, and elsewhere.


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