Book Submissions


What we want: low-life literature. Criminals, thugs, douchebags, cheaters, gamblers, pickpockets, ne’er-do-wells, guns, cigarettes, bath salts, booze, beer, strippers, whores, wheelers, dealers, schemers, robbers, adulterers, embezzlers, loan sharks, losers, and lottery winners (who are, of course, losers).

All at 100 mph with the brake lines cut and a shitload of speed running through its veins.

What we don’t want: straight-laced, upstanding folk of any kind. White House-‘n-terrorism thrillers. Police procedurals. Amateur detectives. Professional detectives. Mysteries. Cats that do anything besides be cats.

If you think we want romance, you should refine your Google search techniques.

If you wrote a book about serial killers or the mafia, it better be real different than what’s already out there.

We’re interested in: all lengths of books–short story collections, novelettes, novellas, novels. What we don’t want is a 150-page book with 250 pages of filler (we’re not Random House). Get to the heart of the story as quickly as possible.

What we do for authors: We want to sell books. So we promote your work. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, seeking reviews, contacting media people–we do all that. (Note that we don’t have the money to pay for fancy ads, but we’ll do everything else.)

We edit our books thoroughly. But we’re also pulp people. We want speed, baby. We’ll get your book out there quickly and won’t delay it for bullshit reasons.

We’re focused on publishing ebooks through Amazon. We offer all of our titles in print as well, but our focus is bringing cheap ebooks to the masses. So the covers and promotion are geared toward selling ebooks.

What to send: A short pitch, a bio, and the complete manuscript to

No simultaneous submissions. We’ll get back to you in about a month.

Please format your manuscript as follows.

1)  First line of paragraphs indented .25 inches (NOT using the tab key or the space bar! If you do this, then we have to manually reformat the entire story. This is the most important direction–if you don’t do this, we will reject your manuscript automatically.) Here’s a web site that shows you how to indent the first line of a paragraph in MS Word.
2) Double-spaced.
3) One space after periods.
4) Three asterisks *** centered to indicate scene breaks.
5) File titled: Last name_title of manuscript.doc (or .docx, .rtf).
6) Do NOT send Open Office files (.odt).


  1. Just curious…Have you received any submissions using Libreoffice word processor? Is it compatible with MS Word? I use linux os because of it’s speed.

  2. I sent you guys a novella submission (Sketches from an Outcast) in January. It is now March and I have not heard from you. Have I been accepted or rejected?

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