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Submissions to All Due Respect Books are CLOSED.

All Due Respect publishes low-life literature. Here are some of the things you will find in our books: criminals, thugs, douchebags, cheaters, gamblers, pickpockets, ne’er-do-wells, guns, cigarettes, bath salts, booze, beer, strippers, whores, wheelers, dealers, schemers, robbers, adulterers, embezzlers, loan sharks, losers, and lottery winners (who are, of course, losers).

So noir, got it?

All Due Respect publishes print and ebook novels, novellas, and short story collections on a variety of platforms.

You might want to read a book or two of ours before submitting something. That would be nice.

Send a short pitch and the complete manuscript to [email protected]

Simultaneous submissions are okay. If it’s been three months, send a follow-up email.

Send a manuscript that’s formatted normally, something like this. ONLY send MS Word files (.doc/.docx).


  1. Just curious…Have you received any submissions using Libreoffice word processor? Is it compatible with MS Word? I use linux os because of it’s speed.

  2. I sent you guys a novella submission (Sketches from an Outcast) in January. It is now March and I have not heard from you. Have I been accepted or rejected?

    • This does not bode well for those of us who are looking for homes for our stories – take heed, guys.

      • Seriously? It was ONE submission from two years ago and I got in touch with him after this–his email had gone to the junk folder for some reason. By the way, a comment on the book submissions page isn’t the way to ask me about a submission. You should email instead.

  3. Good morn,
    Would appreciate notice of when you open for submissions again. Thank you. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Year.
    Thank you,

  4. Can I send .rtf format files, which have been formatted in Word? (I’ve known Word.doc/docx files to be infected.
    And, when you mention your preference for books from the criminal’s point of view, how about one with an all-knowing narrator, where the criminal also gets their say

    • No, send a Word doc. If it’s infected I’ll tell you. I’m not fan of all-knowing narrators in this genre.

  5. Cheers Chris for opening; I just read now ADR was open, I hope I’m not too late to submit. I need to do a quick polish of my work – how long is ADR open for submissions?
    Thank you in advance!

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