Sneak preview of: Cleaning Up Finn, by Sarah M. Chen — Coming May 15!!

Cleaning Up Finn Chapter 1 For the third time that day, Finn Roose regretted hiring Emily as his hostess. Sure she had big tits, but man, she seemed to have an irritating knack for interrupting him just when he was about to score a number. Like now, for instance. The smoking hot redhead in the […]

Sneak peek: First section of What Happens in Reno, by Mike Monson

By Mike Monson TOO DRUNK TO drive home, Matt Hodges spent Monday night in the Denny’s parking lot, just north of downtown Modesto. The old Denny’s. The one across from the pathetic American Graffiti Monument at George Lucas Plaza. Bronze statue of two 50s-looking teenagers leaning on the left front fender of some old Chevy […]

Excerpt: Jedidiah Ayres interviews Steve Weddle in All Due Respect #5

  Call it grit-lit, rough-Americana or rural noir—it seems to be a genre unto itself complete with established tropes. Did you find yourself fighting against any in Country Hardball? Well, I wanted to avoid the alcoholic, meth-addled criminal with a good heart who goes up against a bad cop set out to destroy him. I’ve […]