All Due Respect Books to publish collection of Alec Cizak stories!!!!!!

Oh. Wow. Right?  Mr. Cizak has gathered up all his wonderful stories and is letting All Due Respect Books assemble them into a book with a cover and everything. He wants them to call it Crooked Roads, and they said okay.  “Oh shit, I had no idea,” said ADR Books’ employee Mike Monson while in […]

OUT NOW: Revenge is a Redhead

In Phil Beloin Jr.’s novella, Revenge is a Redhead, Rich Brown is out of cash and luck when he finds stripper Cherry Pop. Like so many before him, Rich falls for the redhead, but all he can afford is a quick peep show. But soon Rich has bigger problems than lack of love and money when […]


Addicted to cough syrup, television and Sugar Frosted Flakes, Paul Dunn is living in a state of torpor while staying at his mother’s house after the humiliating ending of his third marriage. His inertia is broken when he becomes the chief suspect in the murders of his soon-to-be ex-wife and her new lover. Set in […]