New short fiction collection from Ryan Sayles coming January 15th!!

  We at All Due Respect Books are excited to announced the upcoming release of I’m Not Happy Until You’re Not Happy, by Ryan Sayles. Ryan Sayles is the author of the hardboiled detective novels Subtle Art of Brutality, Warpath and the forthcoming Swan Songs Always Begin as Love Songs through Down & Out Books. […]

Diesel Therapy, Part Two of the Selena Saga, coming December 1 from All Due Respect Books!

    While cooling her heels in Federal Prison, Selena finds herself an unwilling pawn in a deadly game played by powers beyond her understanding. Her enemies are not finished hurting her. While incarcerated, Selena is completely under their control, and finds herself subjected to the cruelest form of punishment known to the Federal Prison System. When presented […]

Debt Crusher by Michael Pool gets Eric Beetner-designed cover!

  Debt Crusher by Michael Pool is set to be released by All Due Respect Books January 1, 2016. Cam Reynolds has a problem. When Cam’s longtime boss Tom Colcetti dies and leaves control of his criminal organization to his predatory son Tommy, Cam may finally get the chance to run a crew of his […]


All  Due Respect recently got lucky. Very lucky. That’s because a man who writes under the name Stan Miller offered us his incredible book, Prelude To The Massacre. We’ve never read anything like it, you’ve never read anything like it, we can assure you. Here is the synopsis: Prelude to the Massacre tells the story of […]

Sneak peek: First section of What Happens in Reno, by Mike Monson

By Mike Monson TOO DRUNK TO drive home, Matt Hodges spent Monday night in the Denny’s parking lot, just north of downtown Modesto. The old Denny’s. The one across from the pathetic American Graffiti Monument at George Lucas Plaza. Bronze statue of two 50s-looking teenagers leaning on the left front fender of some old Chevy […]

IT’S OVER!!!! No more magazine; way more books!

By Chris Rhatigan About five years ago, Alec Cizak started the website All Due Respect. He posted one story a month, and the audience was quite small at first. But the first thing that struck me about these stories was their rawness—this was grim, bareknuckle crime fiction. I took the reins in 2012, attempting to […]

Yes! MANIFESTO DESTINATION by Alec Cizak is out and available finally now!!!!!

  Elmore Johnson has only got two friends, the bottle of Jim Beam in his coat pocket and a revolver named Lorraine. He worked for the Indianapolis Police Department until they booted him for exposing dirty cops. Now he makes a meager living snapping seedy photos. But when Elmore shoots pictures of the daughter of […]

Coming Spring of 2016!! CLEANING UP FINN by Sarah M. Chen!!!!!!

Yes yes yes. We got a prize with this one. Ms. Chen, whose story The Donut Dealer was a big hit in All Due Respect #6, has written an elegant yet down-and-dirty noir and was nice enough to submit it to US. Wow. You, dear readers, will be able to get your hands on it […]