Sneak preview of: Cleaning Up Finn, by Sarah M. Chen — Coming May 15!!

Cleaning Up Finn Chapter 1 For the third time that day, Finn Roose regretted hiring Emily as his hostess. Sure she had big tits, but man, she seemed to have an irritating knack for interrupting him just when he was about to score a number. Like now, for instance. The smoking hot redhead in the […]

Squeeze, by Chris Rhatigan coming April 15 from All Due Respect Books!

Scumbag newspaper reporter Lionel Kaspar aimlessly wanders from one scam to the next. Trying to claw his way to anywhere, Kaspar fabricates news stories and blackmails a local bureaucrat. What little success Kaspar stumbles upon he wastes betting on sports and drinking. But when Greg Hulas, his competitor, starts investigating him, Kaspar becomes desperate to […]

Cover Reveal!!!!!! Cleaning Up Finn, by the awesome Sarah M. Chen

Ms. Chen’s All Due Respect Book Cleaning Up Finn will be out May 15, 2016. Synopsis: Life is an endless party for restaurant manager, Finn Roose. When he seduces an underage woman on one of his infamous booze cruises and loses her—literally, it sets off a massive search involving the police, her parents, and a […]

Vern In The Heat, by Rob Pierce — Cover Reveal

Vern is a dangerous man – he makes illegal exchanges safe. Until someone tries to rip off a drug deal he’s working and he gets blamed. Now both gangs involved are after him, including the one he works for. And he’s going to clear his name, no matter who he has to kill in the […]

Book Trailer: A Killer’s Love, by Mike Monson

Yes! We managed to pool together some of our profits and spend some money on one of those cool book trailers! Click here to see it!   The book is coming February 1st!!! Lancaster Messier makes good money murdering rich women and converting all of their earthly possessions into cash. But, when he meets the […]

A Killer’s Love, by Mike Monson, coming February 1 from All Due Respect Books

  Lancaster Messier makes good money murdering rich women and converting all of their earthly possessions into cash. But, when he meets the sexy and alluring Carla, he makes a fundamental occupational mistake — he falls in love. A Killer’s Love is an intense novella about the slippery nature of identity, and includes all the […]

Hangman’s Dozen, by the great William E. Wallace, coming January 20 from ADR!!!!

    In Hangman’s Dozen you will meet: * Peter Fillmore, a robbery mastermind saddled with the worst kind of bad luck—the superstitious crew he’s picked to help him steal a million dollars worth of jewels. * George Adams, a junkie and burglar who becomes a gunslinging Jessie James-style outlaw during a drug money break-in. […]

Cover reveal, ya’ll! Route 12 by Marietta Miles

  Coming February 15, 2016, the novella Route 12 is set in Virginia and Tennessee in the 1970s. The book is a wonderful, poetic take on the devastating effects of trauma and abandonment on a couple of special teenagers who have a tragic, inevitable meeting. The book is spare, tightly written, and never, ever sentimental […]

All Due Respect Books — What is coming

Okay, look above there. Nine Toes In The Grave, by Eric Beetner. This is our latest release, came out December 1. Reese has tried to live a good, honest life. But life has other plans. From the boss’s wife who wants him to do something terrible to the sleazebags trying to set him up, when […]