A Noir Master Class with Pablo D’Stair

It’s difficult to remember exactly what year it was, but around 2010 I discovered the work of Pablo D’Stair. I devoured all of the Trevor English series and several other of his noir works, mostly published through KUBOA, a publishing house D’Stair ran himself. He wrote in an entirely different style and approach than other […]

Submissions are open

I’m working on the 2020 calendar. I have about five slots open. I’ll keep submissions open until I find what I’m looking for. Read the guidelines before submitting. Thx, luv you, bye bye.

Interview with Matt Phillips, author of Countdown

The latest release from All Due Respect Books is Countdown by Matt Phillips, which Anthony Neil Smith called “A slab of rare pulp, served nice and bloody.” Here’s the pitch: Welcome to California. Weed is legal. Grow it. Sell it. Smoke it. Eat it. But the money you make off it—there’s the rub. Bank it, and the […]

Interview with Paul Heatley, author of Guillotine

I spoke with Paul Heatley recently author of All Due Respect’s latest. In Guillotine, Lou-Lou looks to escape after suffering a lifetime of tyranny under her father’s oppressive rule. Problem is, daddy’s also known as Big Bobby Joe, a dangerous and powerful man in the local area—powerful enough to put out a sixty grand bounty […]

ALERT: Pablo D’Stair Teams Up with ADR!

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill! The staggering work of Pablo D’Stair will be released by All Due Respect Books. I couldn’t be more excited about this. When I first became interested in the crime fiction scene, D’Stair’s series on lowlife con artist Trevor English (published through KUBOA Press) […]

Interview with Tess Makovesky, Author of Gravy Train

I recently spoke with Tess Makovesky, author of All Due Respect’s latest, Gravy Train, a raucous ride through Birmingham’s back streets with a cast of lowlife characters all clamoring for 80,0000 pounds. All Due Respect: How did you first become involved in crime fiction? Tess Makovesky: Pretty early if you include reading, since I came across […]

Interview with Math Bird, author of Welcome to HolyHell

Math Bird is the author of All Due Respect’s latest release, Welcome to HolyHell, a noir tale set in the borderlands of northeast Wales. All Due Respect: Your work often focuses on the borderlands between Wales and England. What sparked your interest in this region and what role does it play in the stories you tell? Math Bird: […]

Interview with Tom Leins, author of Repetition Kills You

Tom Leins is the proprietor of Dirty Books and has written plenty of seriously dark fiction. His latest from All Due Respect is Repetition Kills You, a collection of loosely connected stories about Paignton thug/PI Joe Rey.  All Due Respect: What immediately struck me about your work was the unconventional approach. Each story barely has […]

Interview with Nigel Bird, author of In Loco Parentis

Nigel Bird’s latest release is In Loco Parentis, the dark story of a primary school teacher whose life unravels quickly. Bird’s been part of the crime fiction community for years and works with All Due Respect as a consulting editor.  All Due Respect: One thing that’s always struck me about your writing is how real your […]

ADR Talks With Chris Orlet, Author of A Taste of Shotgun

Chris Orlet is the author of A Taste of Shotgun, the latest release from All Due Respect Books. This rural noir is in the tradition of Jim Thompson. The story is told through the perspective of Denis, who at first glance appears to be a down-on-his-luck dive bartender and half-assed family man. But everything is not […]