Issue #6: December, 2010

          ***Winner of the 2011 Spinetingler Award for Best Short Story on the Web*** TIMES PASTby Matthew C. Funk Alvin knew even before Jay’s body had stopped shoving blood onto the asphalt that he had to get up. Jay’s dead limbs and the stink of new murder and the heat were heavy on Alvin, but […]

Issue #5: November, 2010

DISABILITY, INC.By Garnett Elliot Stanley met Chas in the waiting room of Dr. Zaleski’s office. Stanley was feeling more than a little conspicuous, what with his level three sex offender ankle bracelet and the fact that his hands were cuffed—in front of him, at least. Chas didn’t seem to mind. He had a big bandage […]

Issue #4: October, 2010

EVEN SVENby Mike Toomey The phone rang. ‘Hello?’‘You know who this is?’‘Keep talking, I’ll see if I can figure it out.’‘I’m a guy you used to know.’‘Okay.’‘You still working?’Pause.‘I said—‘‘I know.’Pause.‘Do you know if you’re still working or not?’Pause.‘Yeah. I mean, I got a job-job but if the right thing were to come along, yeah, […]

Issue #3: September, 2010

OPEN ROADS AND FREEBIRDSby JJ Kinni When I was ten I took off. The wind scooped me up and took me clear from the backwaters of Louisiana, and propelled me on a path rarely traveled. Just ten and I was already taking to my own way of living. Of course my more formative years were […]

Issue #2: August 2010

THE GREAT WHYDINIby David Cranmer “Remember, Frank, we have very little oxygen left. So this will have to be the final run-through of your act.” He paused, looking at the magician, “You sure you don’t want me to go down with you again?” “I love the way you practice your lines, Jay, even when there’s […]

Issue #1: July 2010

METHAMPHETAMINE AND A SHOTGUNby Alec Cizak With respect to Chester Himes. Debbie had been over earlier. She laid out a couple of rails. They topped off the crank with a joint she rolled with papers decorated like the American flag. After burning down Old Glory, they got busy on Ethan’s bed. He only came once. […]