Issue #15: September, 2011

THE PEEPERby C.J. Edwards Jimmy Wade had been watching her for a month. She had smiled at him when she had walked her small poodle around her front yard as the movers hauled her things into the renovated double. He hadn’t been sure what to do about that. Pretty girls never smiled at him. His […]

Issue #14: August, 2011

THE PERFECT DAYby Patricia Abbott The door flew open, striking the wall with a force that brought the sleeping boys to a sitting position. “What time is it?” Greg asked, throwing an arm over his eyes. Across the room, Charlie moaned softly. “Six o’clock,” their father said, yanking the curtains back and letting in a […]

Issue #13: July, 2011

MUTINY ON THE PIMP WAGONby Copper Smith It wasn’t exactly a dream job. After seventeen years in the navy it was kind a step down to become the ‘first mate’ for a hip-hop superstar named D-Boss on a 60 foot blinged-out mega yacht he called the Pimp Wagon. The gig paid well enough, but Goddamned […]

Issue #12: June, 2011

SEVERANCEby Jim Wilsky Friday afternoons at Speery Lance Investments corporate headquarters were typically very slow and this one was no different. By four-thirty that afternoon, the parking lot had only a few scattered cars left and the building was almost empty. The last few diligent workers were finally heading out. Peeking from the restroom door […]

Issue #11: May, 2011

THE CACKERby Barrie Darke He didn’t want to go ahead with it at first, Rick. Wasn’t all that keen, which is fair enough, it must’ve been a strange thing, hearing it for the first time. I could see on his face, halfway through, he wasn’t sure. He got this unusual expression on it, and it […]

Issue #10: April, 2011

HOODWINKEDby Nigel Bird John Campion was always going to do well for himself. Everyone knew it. Day he packed up and left for college we didn’t reckon on seeing him ever again, not if them tutors could get him to tell stories the way he did down at the tavern. Like he’d swallowed the blarney […]

Issue #9: March, 2011

LET’S MAKE A DEALby Scotch Rutherford The Glitz Bus ran twice a day, Anaheim to the Neon City. It was a four and a half hour trek, and at $69.95 round trip with comps included, it was a real steal. There was always a 60 minute window between the arrival of the junket dropping off, […]

Issue #8: February, 2011

SLAY RIDEby Mark Joseph Kiewlak She was tied up on the seat next to me. Her legs were handcuffed. The car was moving fast. I think her name was Lily. “Don’t be afraid, Lily,” I said. “I won’t let them hurt you.” One of them smirked. The one on the passenger side. Outside, scenery flew […]

Issue #7: January, 2011

The Ballad of Jimmie Jazzby Tony Deans “The fucker cut off his ears then chopped off his head”. The words rang sharply through the ears of Jimmy Jazz. Jazz was a tall man, slowly riding the train of time to middle age. A dirty fighter, he had only ever lost one fight and that was […]

Issue #6: December, 2010

          ***Winner of the 2011 Spinetingler Award for Best Short Story on the Web*** TIMES PASTby Matthew C. Funk Alvin knew even before Jay’s body had stopped shoving blood onto the asphalt that he had to get up. Jay’s dead limbs and the stink of new murder and the heat were heavy on Alvin, but […]