REVIEW: Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em by Chris Leek

Chris Leek is one of the best practitioners of the crime short story, which he sets out to prove in Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em. He’s appeared a couple of times before in All Due Respect, stories with crackling dialogue and a strong sense of rural America. In a genre that loves its despicable […]

All Due Respect Books nabs Rob Pierce’s dark crime novel: Uncle Dust

We got it. Uncle Dust, Rob Pierce’s episodic novel about career criminal Dustin, is ours. Yes! Rob Pierce  Dustin loves to rob banks. Dustin loves to drink. Dustin loves his women. Dustin loves loyalty. He might even love his adopted nephew Jeremy. And, he sometimes gets a little too enthusiastic in his job doing collections […]


Logo by JT Lindroos That’s right, bitches. The crew that’s brought you oodles of kick-ass short fiction is stepping up its game: novels, novellas, novelettes, short story collections–we’re doing it all. Alec Cizak founded ADR in 2010 with a single goal: publish uncensored crime fiction. Stories about criminals from the perspective of criminals. That continues […]

REVIEW: Federales by Chris Irvin

Mexican Federal Agent Marcos Camarena is a dedicated, but very human, public servant. After having his fill of the rampant corruption and violence he witnesses every day, he leaves his job. He’s busy drinking himself silly when he gets a call offering him a job he needs. But this job’s not an easy one–protecting a […]

COMING SOON: you don’t exist, Pablo D’Stair

Very soon, Pablo D’Stair and I will release a noir double feature: you don’t exist. D’Stair, for my money, is the undisputed master of the short noir form with the Trevor English series and they say the owl was a baker’s daughter. Here’s the beginning of his contribution, the eerie tale of  a guy lost […]

COMING SOON: you don’t exist

Ever since I read the ridiculously good Trevor English series, I’ve been a huge fan of Pablo D’Stair. He writes what he calls claustrophobic noir–stories singularly focused on a character who, in one way or another, is cornered.  I’m really honored to be working with Pablo on a new project titled you don’t exist. Pablo has […]

REVIEW: Stranger Danger by Kevin Strange and Danger Slater

Stranger Danger is a two-novella book with two versions of the bizarro apocalypse. In Kevin Strange’s Computerface, an asshole movie critic wakes up to discover that his face has, in fact, been replaced by an iPad. And, oh by the way, robots have completely taken over the world. The few remaining humans left are battling […]

REVIEW: Long Lost Dog of It by Michael Kazepis

Long Lost Dog of It is the fascinating debut novel from Michael Kazepis published by Broken River Books. I know you’ve heard this before, but this is truly not like anything I’ve read before. It certainly doesn’t fit into any genre, and it reads more like a collection of tenuously connected short stories/flash pieces than […]

INTERVIEW: Paul D. Brazill

Paul D. Brazill is known for his crime writing and is the editor of the new anthology, Exiles. The book contains “stranger in a strange land” stories by writers like Patti Abbott, Ryan Sayles, Carrie Clevenger, Chris Leek, Richard Godwin, Jason Michel, and myself. He also recently released A Case of Noir, about Luke Case, a […]