The Return Of All Due Respect: The Zine

I cut my teeth in crime fiction with zines like Pulp Metal, A Twist of Noir, Thuglit, Powder Burn Flash, Shotgun Honey, and, of course, All Due Respect. Alec Cizak started ADR 2010 and handed it over to me in 2012. In 2013, I moved ADR to an ebook/print format, then in 2014 expanded into book publishing, eventually shutting down the short fiction side of the venture.

Anywhere, before I start rambling about history like the old crank that I am, let’s get down to it: All Due Respect is returning in its original form, a zine that publishes one short story per month. You can read all original 58 issues here. 

The aesthetic will remain the same–hard-as-nails crime fiction. About 1500-3000 words. Pay is $25. Send an email to We’re open for submissions for the January issue. 

David Nemeth, of Unlawful Acts fame, and I will be co-editors. David does more for the crime fiction community than just about anyone and I’m thrilled to have him on board. 

All published stories will be collected into an annual anthology to be published via Down & Out Books. 


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