Latest acquisition: ROUTE 12 by Marietta Miles


We just got Route 12, a lovely novella by Marietta Miles.

Set in Virginia and Tennessee in the 1970s, the book is a wonderful, poetic take on the devastating effects of trauma and abandonment on a couple of special teenagers who have a tragic, inevitable meeting. The book is spare, tightly written, and never, ever sentimental — just the way we like it here at All Due Respect Books. Plus, there is plenty of crime and just the worst kind of human behavior. You know, the fun  stuff.

Coming most likely Spring of 2016. More info to come.

Marietta Miles has published stories with Thrills, Kills and Chaos, Flash Fiction Offensive, Yellow Mama and Revolt Daily. She has been included in anthologies available through Static Movement Publishing, Horrified Press and Out of the Gutter. Marietta Miles is on Facebook. More stories can be found at Born in Alabama, raised in Louisiana, she currently resides in Virginia with her husband and two children.

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