Interview with Andrew Davie, Author of Pavement

Andrew Davie’s debut novella Pavement is the latest release from All Due Respect. Here’s the pitch:

McGill and Gropper are unlicensed private investigators who operate out of a diner and do whatever it takes to get a job done.

When a trucker attacks a prostitute, her pimp turns to McGill and Gropper for protection.

But taking the job means crossing dangerous and well-connected criminals who will stop at nothing to settle the score.

All Due Respect: I had never heard of you before Pavement arrived in my inbox. How did you find out about the indie crime scene and decide to get involved?

Andrew Davie: When I decided to write crime fiction, I started to research places where my work might fit with regard to length, but also thematically. I felt like the indie crime scene offered a lot of opportunities to explore the aspects of crime fiction I truly enjoyed about characters who operate on the fringes and in the shadows. 

ADR: While the main character of your book, Gropper, is a PI, he does very little investigating, instead favoring ass kicking. Who are your favorite PI writers? Where do you see Gropper fitting in the genre?

AD: When I was younger, I read a lot of Robert B. Parker, so he had been one of the first PI writers I enjoyed reading. Eventually, I started reading John D. MacDonald, and his protagonist Travis McGee, who used the term salvage consultant instead of PI. I also enjoyed reading Rex Stout, and I liked the dynamic between his protagonist’s Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Where Wolfe would stay in his apartment and solve the crime, Goodwin would do all of the legwork. So, with Gropper, I thought he would assume more of the Archie Goodwin role. McGill would be the brains of the operation, who stayed primarily in one location, and Gropper would be the muscle. 

ADR: I love McGill’s character. He sits at a diner all day, conducting business for Gropper via payphone and stuffing his face with pancakes. Sounds like my ideal job. Talk about his relationship with Gropper. They seem to sort of hate each other while also having a begrudging respect. 

AD: Thank you! working out of a diner seemed like it would be an ideal place since I also love breakfast food and coffee. Plus, I figured it would be a unique setting.  I would view their relationship as one where they both need the other person. They compliment the other with regard to what each of them brings to the partnership, and with that comes respect and admiration but also some complicated emotions. 

ADR: What are you working on now? Anything coming out in the near future?

AD: I am currently working on a follow up to Pavement. I just had a short story entitled “Living in the Gleam of an Unsheathed Sword” come out in an anthology entitled Alternative Apocalypse. 


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