Hangman’s Dozen, by the great William E. Wallace, coming January 20 from ADR!!!!




In Hangman’s Dozen you will meet:

* Peter Fillmore, a robbery mastermind saddled with the worst kind of bad luck—the superstitious crew he’s picked to help him steal a million dollars worth of jewels.

* George Adams, a junkie and burglar who becomes a gunslinging Jessie James-style outlaw during a drug money break-in.

* Art “Mosca” Chavez, a turncoat Nuestra Familia member who tops so many hit parades he should have his own wing in the rock and roll hall of fame.

* Louis Henley, a mysterious drifter who gives a new and sinister meaning to the term “lady’s man.”

This bare-knuckles collection of lurid tales by William E. Wallace, the author of Dead Heat with the Reaper, offers a look at life in the gutter that Hustle author Tom Pitts says is “perfect pulp.”

“(Wallace) is a master at building scenes, characters, layering dialogue and description, and filling in back-story with no interruption to the momentum of the story at hand. The result is something that is a sheer delight to read.”

–Greg Barth–Selena, Diesel Therapy and Where Moth and Dust Corrupt.

“The best of William E. Wallace’s work revolves around the concept of justice. . . I’m talking the big, broader cosmic sense. Judgment. Reckoning. Down in the filth and garbage of the street, it’s all street justice.”

Joe Clifford– Lamentation and December Boys

“It is not easy to combine humor, characterization, and persuasive action but here it’s done well. These stories will make you a Wallace fan.”

Patti Abbott–Concrete Angel

“Wallace is quite simply a brilliant writer.”

Will Viharo–A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge and Love Stories Are Too Violent for Me.

William E.  Wallace

William E. Wallace has been a house painter, cook, dishwasher, newspaper and magazine reporter, journalism professor, private investigator and military intelligence specialist. He took his bachelor’s in political science at U.C. Berkeley and was an award-winning investigative reporter and special projects writer for the San Francisco Chronicle for 26 years. His work has been published in All Due Respect (which has nominated it for a 2014 Pushcart Prize), Shotgun Honey, Spinetingler, Out of the Gutter Online, Crime Factory and Dark Corners Pulp. Wallace’s longer fiction includes three self-published novels: The Jade Bone Jar, Tamer, and The Judas Hunter; and a novella, I Wait to Die. He is currently working on a new novel, Bottom Street.

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