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Freaking Eric Beetner is one of our favorite writers. He is one of our favorite cover designers. He’s cute.  And, he’s written another gritty/clever crime novella called 9 Toes In The Grave and he was nice enough to offer it to us (complete with cover) because he’s smart enough to know that it was a perfect match for All Due Respect Books. Here, we’ll let  him explain:

Eric Author photo SM

“This one has a very pulpy/throwback style similar to an old Popular Library paperback or something,” Beetner told us, “I wish I had higher aspirations sometimes, but mostly I just want to be a pulp hack.”

Clearly, he saw us coming.

The story has a beginning very similar to James M. Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice. You know, sad sack loser working in a dumpy roadside diner falls for the owner’s greedy/slutty wife. However, it quickly moves into very different and very original territory. We asked him about the similarities to the set-up of the classic Cain noir.

“I like stories that start one way and then zig,” Beetner explained. “Many times I get an idea – and I bet this happens to a lot of writers – and it dawns on me after a while that what I have is a scene I really like, but it’s not a whole story. For a story to have layers and to be more than just one note it needs to start somewhere and take a journey. It doesn’t always need to be a long walk, but I like the idea of starting in one story, maybe one that you think is familiar, and then it veers off into something more unexpected. I had not thought consciously of a Postman-like scenario, but the femme fatale angle in the beginning is very classic and of course I know that. I think I wanted to start with a concept everyone knows and then take it off that well-trodden path into (hopefully) something new. Or to maybe see a male character like we’ve seen be a little more pro-active in trying to save himself and not to only be a helpless victim to a dame.”

You’ll have to wait for the release date of November 1, 2015 to see exactly where Beetner and his character veer.

Beetner is the author of Rumrunners, The Devil Doesn’t Want Me, Dig Two Graves, White Hot Pistol, The Year I Died Seven Times, Stripper Pole At The End Of The World & the story collection, A Bouquet Of Bullets. He is co-author (with JB Kohl) of the novels One Too Many Blows To The Head and Borrowed Trouble and the upcoming Over Their Heads. He co-wrote the upcoming The Backlist with author Frank Zafiro. He has also written two novellas in the popular Fightcard series, Split Decision and A Mouth Full Of Blood. He lives in Los Angeles where he co-hosts the Noir At The Bar reading series. For more visit

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