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I couldn’t be more psyched for All Due Respect Books’ 2020 schedule. We’re re-releasing Pablo D’Stair’s cult classic Trevor English series alongside some established and new names in crime fiction.

AND I plan to reboot All Due Respect’s original short fiction website in January 2020 with the help of David Nemeth. You can view the original 58 issues here to get feel for what we do. More info on this in the near future.

Of course, there may be some other surprises too!

Here are all the books coming soon:

January 24: Trevor English 1: this letter from Norman Court by Pablo D’Stair

February 21: Stay Ugly by Daniel Vlasaty

March 20: Trevor English 2: Mister Trot from tin street by Pablo D’Stair

April 17: Man of the World by Paul D. Brazill

May 8: Trevor English 3: Helen Topaz, Henry Dollar by Pablo D’Stair

June 19: Cutthroat by Paul Heatley

July 10: Trevor English 4: Akerman motel/rooms for rent by Pablo D’Stair

Aug. 21: The Ancestor by Lee Matthew Goldberg

Sept. 18: Blood by Choice by Rob Pierce

Oct. 23: Trevor English 5: this gun from Norman Court by Pablo D’Stair

Nov. 20: Stone Heart by Scott Grand

Dec. 18: Ourobouros by Andrew Davie

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