Sneak peak: THE CREEP from Dead Heat With the Reaper by William E. Wallace

  First sections from The Creep, one of the novellas in Dead Heat With the Reaper, by William E. Wallace. Coming August 1 from All Due Respect Books.   The Creep By William E. Wallace   The Claymore apartment building where Susan Carnes lived was more than a century old and the 85-year-old “new” elevator it […]

Sneak Peak: excerpt from CROOKED ROADS, by Alec Cizak, coming May 15!!!

  COLOMBUS DAY 6:19 p.m. Kristos jammed the end of the shotgun into Hector’s mouth and pulled the trigger. Bump had never seen somebody get killed. Not actually. He hadn’t been hanging out with Kristos for too long. His throat went dry when Kristos first handed him the Benelli and said, “You do it.” Bump […]

All Due Respect Issue #6 — THE LINEUP!!!!!!!

Joyride, by Scott Loring Sanders The Take, by Rob Brooks The Hope Spot, by James Queally Ribeye, by Preston Lang The Donut Dealer, Sarah M. Chen Wayne Kershaw Goes to Church, by CJ Edwards Coming soon. To include the usual reviews and other cool nonfiction shit.

Latest acquisition: ROUTE 12 by Marietta Miles

We just got Route 12, a lovely novella by Marietta Miles. Set in Virginia and Tennessee in the 1970s, the book is a wonderful, poetic take on the devastating effects of trauma and abandonment on a couple of special teenagers who have a tragic, inevitable meeting. The book is spare, tightly written, and never, ever […]

Preview number two: Love You To A Pulp, by CS DeWildt

Coming February 15th from All Due Respect freaking Books.   The old farm was just off to the left before the road began to dissolve into a dirt 2-track in the raw wood. Miles in, hidden from everything, cars began to line the two-track, half on the road and half run up into the edge […]

New staff member: Editorial Consultant Rob Pierce

Oh man, do we need help. Monson can read the stories and manuscripts and forward the good ones on to Rhatigan. Then, Rhatigan has a good eye for line-by-line editing and he really knows how to structure and shape a plot. But, still, even then, every story, every novella, every novel needs a polish, a […]