Short, Sharp Interview With Paul D. Brazill

Paul D. Brazill is one of the most entertaining and original voices in the independent crime fiction community. I recently spoke with him about Last Year’s Man, his latest book through All Due Respect about ageing hit man Tommy Bennett. — When I first learned about the online crime fiction scene about ten years ago, you were […]

Preston Lang Talks Con Artists and Scams

Preston Lang is author of The Sin Tax and Sunk Costs, published by All Due Respect Books. He’s also written The Blind Rooster, from Crime Wave Press, and The Carrier, which will be released by Shotgun Honey. I talked with him recently about the role con artists play in his work. Chris Rhatigan: Most of […]

An Interview with Paul Greenberg, author of Dead Guy in the Bathtub

Today All Due Respect talks with Paul Greenberg. A veteran of the short crime fiction scene, Greenberg’s new collection Dead Guy in the Bathtub is available now. ADR: Many of your stories take place near Boston. Why do you think this city has such a wealth of crime writers? Who are some of your favorite Boston crime […]

ADR’s 2018 Schedule

As always, All Due Respect has plenty of the good stuff on deck. Street Whispers by Liam Sweeny, 2/23 An eclectic collection of pulp, grit and noir stories inspired by the Capital Region of New York, a rust-belt crossroads in the shadow of the city that never sleeps. Dead Guy in the Bathtub by Paul Greenberg, 3/30 […]

ADR Talks With Liam Sweeny, Author of Street Whispers

Liam Sweeny is the author of Street Whispers, a short story collection out today. It’s an eclectic collection of pulp, grit and noir stories inspired by the Capital Region of New York, a rust-belt crossroads in the shadow of the city that never sleeps. ADR: The stories in your collection mostly take place in the Capital […]

Setting In Noir Fiction: Going Nowhere Fast

by Matt Phillips Here’s what I love most about stories: They let us travel from one place to the next, from one reality to the next, without getting our asses up out of the easy-chair. Call me lazy for reading so darn much, but while I have a book open I’m walking the seedy streets […]

Down & Out Books Acquires All Due Respect

Down & Out Books is thrilled to announce that All Due Respect, a publisher of low-life literature and crime fiction, has joined its publishing family as an imprint. All Due Respect publisher and executive editor Chris Rhatigan will continue in his current role with the new venture. “I could not be more excited,” said Eric […]

FAT BOY, by Paul Heatley coming May 1 from All Due Respect Books!

After his girlfriend leaves and takes their young son with her, Joey Hidalgo is left alone in the trailer they formerly called home with nothing to do but get drunk and contemplate her reasons. Is he really as angry, as volatile, so close to constant violence, as she claims he is? With no one to […]

A Short Excerpt of the Writing of William E. Wallace

Our friend William E. Wallace died today. He was a great man and a great writer. From the novella Legacy, by William E. Wallace: Frank Trask never guessed he had a drinking problem. “I drink; I get drunk; I pass out—no problem,” he’d say when people asked him about the large amount of booze he […]

With the Right Enemies, by Rob Pierce, coming March 1 from All Due Respect Books

Vollmer’s a young guy, grows up on ugly streets. He survives by being uglier, hurting people for money, hurting people because he likes hurting people. When he’s hired to track down Dust and bring back the money he stole, keeping Dust alive isn’t a priority. Neither is keeping anyone else alive, even people he loves. […]