The Fictional County: An Interview with Mike Miner

Mike Miner is back for his third book with All Due Respect, True Dark. Here’s the pitch: On a warm, quiet morning in a speck of a town near the Mexican border, an old man stops at an airstream diner and orders coffee. When the owner of the diner appears, the old man shoots him to death, […]

The Return Of All Due Respect: The Zine

I cut my teeth in crime fiction with zines like Pulp Metal, A Twist of Noir, Thuglit, Powder Burn Flash, Shotgun Honey, and, of course, All Due Respect. Alec Cizak started ADR 2010 and handed it over to me in 2012. In 2013, I moved ADR to an ebook/print format, then in 2014 expanded into […]

‘It Might Be a Mistake to Write This Way’: Preston Lang Interview

Preston Lang returns for his third book with All Due Respect with Price Hike. Here’s the pitch: Jane is a struggling con artist, estranged from her ex and her sick son, just trying to raise a little cash to buy some black-market meds from a mysterious seller called P8, a dangerous, raspy-voiced woman. Kanganis is a […]

ADR 2020 Schedule

I couldn’t be more psyched for All Due Respect Books’ 2020 schedule. We’re re-releasing Pablo D’Stair’s cult classic Trevor English series alongside some established and new names in crime fiction. AND I plan to reboot All Due Respect’s original short fiction website in January 2020 with the help of David Nemeth. You can view the […]

Interview with Rob Pierce, author of Tommy Shakes

Rob Pierce is back for his FIFTH book with All Due Respect. I sat down with him to talk about Tommy Shakes. Here’s the pitch: Tommy Shakes is a career criminal, and not a very good one. He earned his name as a heroin addict. Now he’s just a drunk, drinking so much that he spends much […]

An Aneurysm Is Nothing Like the Song by the Band Nirvana

 On Friday, June 29th, 2018, I was going to fly to visit my parents. When I got to my gate, I started to sweat uncontrollably. They called my group over the PA system, and I felt weak as I stood; my backpack was suddenly hard to lift.  I remember I thought everything would be fine once […]

Interview with Andrew Davie, Author of Pavement

Andrew Davie’s debut novella Pavement is the latest release from All Due Respect. Here’s the pitch: McGill and Gropper are unlicensed private investigators who operate out of a diner and do whatever it takes to get a job done. When a trucker attacks a prostitute, her pimp turns to McGill and Gropper for protection. But taking the […]

A Noir Master Class with Pablo D’Stair

It’s difficult to remember exactly what year it was, but around 2010 I discovered the work of Pablo D’Stair. I devoured all of the Trevor English series and several other of his noir works, mostly published through KUBOA, a publishing house D’Stair ran himself. He wrote in an entirely different style and approach than other […]

Submissions are open

I’m working on the 2020 calendar. I have about five slots open. I’ll keep submissions open until I find what I’m looking for. Read the guidelines before submitting. Thx, luv you, bye bye.