Excerpt: BROKEN PRAYER, by Steve Weddle — from All Due Respect #5

ADR #5 is out now!   Below is a preview from the issue. It’s an excerpt from an upcoming novel by featured author Steve Weddle.     BROKEN PRAYER BY STEVE WEDDLE Fed drew a seven and a nine. Hearts. Started to slide them into the line, the seven after the six of hearts, the […]

Excerpt: Jedidiah Ayres interviews Steve Weddle in All Due Respect #5

  Call it grit-lit, rough-Americana or rural noir—it seems to be a genre unto itself complete with established tropes. Did you find yourself fighting against any in Country Hardball? Well, I wanted to avoid the alcoholic, meth-addled criminal with a good heart who goes up against a bad cop set out to destroy him. I’ve […]

Story excerpt: THE FACES OF THE DEAD ONES, by Joe Sinisi

From All Due Respect #5, coming any day now:   A pair of metal doors blocked our way, one to the left, rust creeping over its hide, and one to the right, holding a small plate with illegible letters hiding behind red blackness. Tre pushed open the right door and beyond was a large chamber […]