The Return Of All Due Respect: The Zine

I cut my teeth in crime fiction with zines like Pulp Metal, A Twist of Noir, Thuglit, Powder Burn Flash, Shotgun Honey, and, of course, All Due Respect. Alec Cizak started ADR 2010 and handed it over to me in 2012. In 2013, I moved ADR to an ebook/print format, then in 2014 expanded into […]

‘It Might Be a Mistake to Write This Way’: Preston Lang Interview

Preston Lang returns for his third book with All Due Respect with Price Hike. Here’s the pitch: Jane is a struggling con artist, estranged from her ex and her sick son, just trying to raise a little cash to buy some black-market meds from a mysterious seller called P8, a dangerous, raspy-voiced woman. Kanganis is a […]

ADR 2020 Schedule

I couldn’t be more psyched for All Due Respect Books’ 2020 schedule. We’re re-releasing Pablo D’Stair’s cult classic Trevor English series alongside some established and new names in crime fiction. AND I plan to reboot All Due Respect’s original short fiction website in January 2020 with the help of David Nemeth. You can view the […]

Interview with Rob Pierce, author of Tommy Shakes

Rob Pierce is back for his FIFTH book with All Due Respect. I sat down with him to talk about Tommy Shakes. Here’s the pitch: Tommy Shakes is a career criminal, and not a very good one. He earned his name as a heroin addict. Now he’s just a drunk, drinking so much that he spends much […]

An Aneurysm Is Nothing Like the Song by the Band Nirvana

 On Friday, June 29th, 2018, I was going to fly to visit my parents. When I got to my gate, I started to sweat uncontrollably. They called my group over the PA system, and I felt weak as I stood; my backpack was suddenly hard to lift.  I remember I thought everything would be fine once […]

Interview with Andrew Davie, Author of Pavement

Andrew Davie’s debut novella Pavement is the latest release from All Due Respect. Here’s the pitch: McGill and Gropper are unlicensed private investigators who operate out of a diner and do whatever it takes to get a job done. When a trucker attacks a prostitute, her pimp turns to McGill and Gropper for protection. But taking the […]

A Noir Master Class with Pablo D’Stair

It’s difficult to remember exactly what year it was, but around 2010 I discovered the work of Pablo D’Stair. I devoured all of the Trevor English series and several other of his noir works, mostly published through KUBOA, a publishing house D’Stair ran himself. He wrote in an entirely different style and approach than other […]

Submissions are open

I’m working on the 2020 calendar. I have about five slots open. I’ll keep submissions open until I find what I’m looking for. Read the guidelines before submitting. Thx, luv you, bye bye.

Interview with Matt Phillips, author of Countdown

The latest release from All Due Respect Books is Countdown by Matt Phillips, which Anthony Neil Smith called “A slab of rare pulp, served nice and bloody.” Here’s the pitch: Welcome to California. Weed is legal. Grow it. Sell it. Smoke it. Eat it. But the money you make off it—there’s the rub. Bank it, and the […]